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Picking up treasures of colonial era Goa

The Portuguese may have left 56 years ago, but the influences they left behind in several fields of Goan culture, including architecture, has seen Indians jostling for second homes in this piece of paradise. It is now not uncommon to spot nameplates fixed on gates announcing politicians, Bollywood stars, cricketers, fashion designers and Delhi’s cocktail circuit as residents of a Goan neighbourhood. And the demand is particularly for those houses of Indo-Portuguese architecture that were built by Goans during the Portuguese era. As for prices, there are no blanket rates, say real estate consultants. Houses in a dilapidated condition are being offered at Rs 2 crore and the price increases for those in better states of maintenance. Prices also vary according to tradition and history of the house. Houses, in which elite Goan families once lived, are quoted…
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