GSIDC to help put Panaji on the smart city map

PANAJI: Even as the Smart City proposal is finalized, the corporation of the city of Panaji unanimously approved the proposal to allow Goa state infrastructure development corporation to go ahead and prepare the service level implementation plan for the Union ministry of urban development’s Atal mission for rejuvenation and urban transformation (AMRUT) scheme. The decision was taken at the ordinary meeting on Tuesday.

GSIDC is already preparing the proposal on behalf of the CCP and the consultative process is in the final stages of being drafted and sent to the Union ministry of urban development. GSIDC will prepare the service level implementation plan (SLIP) and state annual action plan (SAAP) through a consultative process similar to the ongoing discussion around the smart city proposal.

“Since AMRUT and the Smart City Proposal are complementary in nature not only with regards to their primary purpose and project to be undertaken, but are also similar in the way financing is to be obtained for these schemes it has been decided to hand the SLIP and SAAP to GSIDC for better synergy,” CCP commissioner Sanjit Rodrigues said. The thrust areas of AMRUT are on water supply, sewerage facilities, management, storm water drains, pedestrian and public transport facilities and creation of green spaces and recreation centers.

The primary purpose of AMRUT is to cover all households with water supply and sewerage. The funds for AMRUT will come from central and state government schemes.

Once CCP prepares the service level implementation plan, it will then be aggregated into the state annual action plan.